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Anel de banda sólida Viking Knotwork Valknut em prata esterlina 925

Anel de banda sólida Viking Knotwork Valknut em prata esterlina 925

Preço normal €69,95 EUR
Preço normal €69,95 EUR Preço de saldo €69,95 EUR
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  • Unique Viking Knotwork Valknut Design, meticulously crafted from 925 Sterling Silver
  • Valknut, a symbol of Odin and the afterlife, representing the interconnectedness of life, death, and rebirth in Norse mythology
  • Embodies the essence of Norse valor and the intricate beauty of Viking knotwork
  • Handcrafted with precision by master craftsmen
  • Made from premium 925 Sterling Silver
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The Viking Knotwork Valknut Solid Band Ring is a harmonious amalgamation of profound Norse symbolism and intricate Viking knotwork. The Valknut, associated with Odin, the Allfather in Norse mythology, symbolizes life, death, and rebirth, representing the interconnected and cyclical nature of existence.

This ring, meticulously handcrafted from the finest 925 Sterling Silver, is more than just jewelry; it's a powerful emblem of Viking heritage and spirituality. The high-quality silver imparts sophistication and ensures the ring's longevity, making it a timeless treasure.

The intricate Viking knotwork, renowned for its complex and elegant patterns, beautifully intertwines with the Valknut, serving as a constant reminder of Viking valor and spiritual depth, offering protective and enlightening energies to the wearer.

Whether drawn to the deep symbolism of the Valknut, the intricate Viking knotwork, or the piece's elegance, this ring is a timeless accessory for those seeking beauty and meaning in their jewelry.

Keep the rich heritage and spiritual wisdom of the Vikings close to your hand, reminding you of the interconnectedness of all realms and the eternal cycles of the Viking cosmos.

SKU : AS57

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Color: Silver
Weight: 7 g
Size: Front Width: 1/2" (13mm)

Materials: Sterling Silver 925

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