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Ganchos Winingas com cabeça de lobo feitos à mão de Gnezdovo - Bronze

Ganchos Winingas com cabeça de lobo feitos à mão de Gnezdovo - Bronze

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  • Authentic Winingas Wolf-Headed Hooks: Inspired by the historical Gnezdovo find from the 10th century.
  • Cultural Significance: Reflects the widespread use across Viking territories such as Russia, England, and Scandinavia.
  • Functional and Artistic: Small eyelets for easy attachment, merging practicality with the art of the Viking age.
  • Expert Craftsmanship: Handcrafted from bronze, capturing the robust and enduring spirit of the Viking age.
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The Winingas Wolf-Headed Hooks from Gnezdovo offer more than their utility; they are a profound emblem of the Viking era. Crafted with precision, these hooks replicate a 10th-century design found in Russia, showcasing the extensive reach and influence of Viking culture.

Winingas, essential for securing leg wraps worn by Vikings, highlight the daily life and functional fashion of the era. The distinctive wolf-headed design on these hooks symbolizes the Vikings’ deep connection with nature, embodying traits like fierceness and loyalty, prominent in Norse mythology.

These hooks not only facilitated the practical wearing of clothing but also conveyed a sense of identity and affinity with the natural and mythological world of the Vikings. Each hook, with its small eyelet, is meticulously designed for easy attachment, representing the Viking knack for innovation.

Crafted in bronze, these hooks resonate with the historical aesthetics of Viking artifacts, offering both durability and a touch of ancient elegance to modern wearers.


Informações adicionais

Material: High-quality bronze, ensuring longevity and historical authenticity.

Dimensions: Each hook measures 3 x 2 cm, perfectly sized for practical use and decorative appeal.

Origin: Skillfully handcrafted in Spain, these hooks are made with attention to detail and respect for Viking craftsmanship.

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