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Anel de prata esterlina de três lados Yggdrasil feito à mão

Anel de prata esterlina de três lados Yggdrasil feito à mão

Preço normal €117,95 EUR
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  • Portrays Yggdrasil, the emblematic symbol of the Viking cosmos
  • Embodies the unity and interconnectedness of all realms and times
  • Expertly crafted with the finest sterling silver
  • Available for customization in gold upon request
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Descrição: O que este produto representa?

The Yggdrasil ring is not merely an ornament; it is a profound symbol of the cosmos as perceived by the Vikings. It represents Yggdrasil, the World Tree, a central element in Norse mythology that connects the nine worlds, including Asgard, the realm of the gods, and Midgard, the home of humanity. This majestic tree embodies the interconnectedness of all things — past, present, and future — through its branches that stretch into the heavens and its roots that delve into the underworld.

Living at the heart of Yggdrasil are the Norns, the shapers of destiny, who carve the fates of men into its bark, signifying the tree's role not just as a giver of life but also as a guardian of fate. The ring’s design, featuring Yggdrasil on three sides, envelops the wearer in the tree's mighty embrace, offering a continuous reminder of the flow of life and the tapestry of the universe woven by the Norns.

Adorned with traditional Viking geometric patterns, this sterling silver ring is a masterpiece of craftsmanship, evoking the spirit of the Viking age and its rich mythology. It invites the wearer to carry the essence of Yggdrasil — the link between worlds, the source of life, and the continuum of time — as a guide and protector.

SKU : AV98

Informações adicionais

Color: Silver
Weight: 8g
Materials: 925 sterling silver
Origin: Made in Ukraine

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