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The demand for natural materials continues to grow in the fashion and jewelry industry, stemming from an influx of interest in handmade cultural styles, including Nordic design, which is making a 1000-year comeback. V.K.N.G has created a Axe Bracelet collection that uses materials like smooth Italian leather, braided cotton rope, Italian bronze and silver plating to create incredible handcrafted masterpieces that pair well with virtually any style and add an element of rustic individuality.

Wrap bracelets in layers of stone and braided rope offer a vegan splash of color for those with more adventurous tastes, while leather and stone wraps feature rich natural tones that are accentuated by the axe and loop closure mechanisms. The axe ornaments are handmade with fine detailing in a traditional Nordic design. Broad leather bands with intricate detailing and button hole closures provide a minimalist option that makes a strong statement with a simplistic design.