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Raise Your Horns: A Toast to Viking Tradition with VKNG's Collection

Embark on a journey back to the Viking Age with VKNG Jewelry's exquisite collection of Horns and Mugs, where each piece is not just a vessel for drink but a symbol of ancient traditions and communal bonds. These horn mugs and drinking horns offer a taste of the Viking lifestyle, steeped in history and culture.

A Sip of History: The Role of Horns and Mugs in Viking Life

In Viking society, drinking horns and mugs were more than just drinking vessels; they were integral to social gatherings, ceremonies, and the celebration of victories. Each horn and mug in our collection is a nod to this rich tradition, offering a unique blend of functionality and historical authenticity.

Immersing in the Viking Drinking Culture

  • What Did Vikings Drink?: Discover the beverages that flowed in these horns and mugs in our blog about Viking drinks. From mead to ale, each drink had its place in Viking society.

  • The Viking Diet: Understand the broader context of Viking culinary habits in our blog on the Viking diet. These horns and mugs were part of a rich and varied diet that sustained a robust warrior class.

  • Celebrated Vikings: Learn about the famous Vikings who might have raised similar horns in celebration or camaraderie. Our blog on famous Vikings offers a glimpse into their lives and feats.

For Modern-Day Vikings and Enthusiasts

Whether you're hosting a themed party, seeking an authentic addition to your historical collection, or simply intrigued by Viking culture, our Horns and Mugs collection is perfect. Each piece brings with it the spirit of the Viking Age, crafted for those who admire the robust and adventurous spirit of the Vikings.

Embrace the Viking Tradition

With each sip from our Viking horns and mugs, you're not just enjoying a drink; you're partaking in a centuries-old tradition that celebrated community, bravery, and life itself. These vessels are more than mere replicas; they're a connection to a fascinating past.