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Ciondolo Vegvisir in bronzo pulito

Ciondolo Vegvisir in bronzo pulito

Prezzo di listino €27,95 EUR
Prezzo di listino €27,95 EUR Prezzo scontato €27,95 EUR
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Questo prodotto è disponibile anche in argento sterling

  • Autentico simbolo magico dei Grimori islandesi
  • Vegvisir, la bussola norrena, ti assicura di non perdere mai la strada
  • Simboleggia la guida e la protezione durante il tuo viaggio
  • Realizzato in bronzo di prima qualità per una finitura senza tempo
  • Compagno perfetto con cordoncino in vera pelle o catena in argento sterling
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The Vegvisir, often termed as the Norse Compass, is more than a mere symbol. It is a beacon of hope, a guide through life's storms, ensuring you never stray from your path. Originating from the mystical Icelandic Grimoires of the 18th century, the Vegvisir's deep roots in Viking lore make it a powerful talisman for navigation, not just through the physical world, but through the spiritual one as well.

This clean bronze Vegvisir pendant embodies the essence of this ancient symbol, crafted to guide its bearer in the absence of a clear direction. It is said that those who carry Vegvisir with them will never lose their way in bad weather, even if the path ahead is unknown. In the modern context, it serves as a symbol of spiritual guidance, helping you navigate through the challenges of life.

Embrace the legacy of the Vikings, renowned explorers who ventured into unknown lands with courage. Let this pendant be your reminder that even when journeys take you into uncharted territories, you have the guidance and protection of the ancients with you.

SKU : CS20

Informazioni aggiuntive

Colore: Bronzo
Dimensioni: ca. 1" (25 mm) di diametro

Materiali: Bronzo

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