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Anello in argento sterling Elmo del timore reverenziale realizzato a mano

Anello in argento sterling Elmo del timore reverenziale realizzato a mano

Prezzo di listino €118,95 EUR
Prezzo di listino Prezzo scontato €118,95 EUR
Imposte incluse.
  • Ispirato all'autentico simbolo magico vichingo dei grimori islandesi
  • Simboleggia il coraggio senza pari e la protezione divina
  • Artigianato magistrale in argento sterling della massima qualità
  • Possibilità di personalizzazione in oro disponibile su richiesta
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The Helm of Awe stands as a testament to the profound mysticism and power revered by the Vikings. This formidable symbol, drawn from the depths of Icelandic magical lore, was not only a beacon of courage but also a divine protector in the heat of battle. The Vikings held a deep belief in the transformative power of their runes, the Younger Futhark, capable of shaping the very fabric of reality — a belief echoed by the Norns who carved the fates of men into the World Tree, Yggdrasil.

This ring embodies the essence of the Helm of Awe, an eight-staved icon designed to invoke Odin's favor and shield the wearer from harm. It is a piece steeped in the ancient traditions of runic magic, a symbol that connects the bearer to the wisdom and protective power of the Norse gods.

With its intricate design and detailed rope strap motif, this sterling silver ring is not just an accessory but a powerful amulet, echoing the age-old Viking spirit of bravery and protection. It serves as a modern-day link to the ancient magic that once ruled the Norse world, offering not only a piece of history but a symbol of courage and protection to guide you in life's battles.

SKu : AV101

Informazioni aggiuntive

Colore: argento
Peso: 7 g
Materiali: argento sterling 925
Origine: Prodotto in Ucraina

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