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Ciondolo in argento sterling Irminsul Circle

Ciondolo in argento sterling Irminsul Circle

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Questo prodotto esiste anche in Argento 925

  • Autentico simbolismo nordico e germanico
  • Incarna Yggdrasil, l'albero cosmico e il potere mistico delle rune
  • Simboleggia il potenziale dell’individuo di influenzare il cosmo più grande
  • Sapientemente realizzato in argento sterling 925 di alta qualità
  • Perfettamente dimensionato con un foro da 2,5 mm per varie catene o corde
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What does this jewelry represent?

The Irminsul Circle Silver Sterling Pendant is a profound emblem within Norse and Germanic traditions, representing the sacred Irminsul as a physical manifestation of Yggdrasil on Earth. The design intricately links to the life-sustaining Yggdrasil, central to the Norse universe where gods and destinies intertwine.

Yggdrasil's branches reach into the heavens, with Midgard at its trunk, and Helheim among its roots, portraying a universe in perfect balance. Below this mighty tree, the Norns, akin to fates, carve the destinies of men within its bark using the ancient runes, believed to hold immense transformative power.

By embodying the tree and the runes, this pendant is not merely a decorative item but a potent symbol of the wearer's capacity to impact their destiny and the world at large, echoing Odin’s sacrifice for wisdom and the transformative power of the runes.

Wearing this pendant serves as a daily reminder of one’s own potential to shape destiny, inspired by the deep-rooted myths of Norse cosmology.

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Informazioni aggiuntive

Colore: argento
Dimensioni: ca. 1-1/16" (27 mm) di diametro
Materiali: argento sterling 925