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Amuleto del guerriero realizzato a mano da Klahammar

Amuleto del guerriero realizzato a mano da Klahammar

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  • Authentic Warrior Amulet from Klahammar, replica of the one found at the archaeological site from Klahammar, Selaön, Södermanland, Sweden
  • Dated from the 8th-10th century, it represents a powerful warrior dressed in luxurious garments, with a sword and a bearded war axe
  • Symbol of bravery and valor in Viking culture
  • Crafted from bronze, hand-made with attention to detail
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The Warrior Amulet represents a powerful warrior of the Viking era, dressed in luxurious garments and armed with a sword and a bearded war axe. This image is based on the amulet found at the archaeological site in Klahammar, Selaön, Södermanland, Sweden, dating back to the 8th-10th century.

This unique pendant is a hand-made bronze replica of the original silver amulet found in Klahammar. It symbolizes the bravery and valor of Viking warriors, who were renowned for their strength, courage, and fighting prowess. Wearing this amulet connects you to the spirit of the Viking warrior, embodying their fearless and noble qualities.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this pendant captures the essence of Viking heritage and craftsmanship. It serves as a powerful reminder of the rich history and legendary warriors of the Viking age. Ideal for those who admire Viking culture and seek to carry its spirit of bravery and valor with them.


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Measures: 1.9 x 2.9 cm
Materials: Bronze
Made in: Spain

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