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25 maßgeschneiderte Harzrunen mit Anleitung Stil 3

25 maßgeschneiderte Harzrunen mit Anleitung Stil 3

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Embark on a journey of ancient wisdom with Style 3 of our custom-made resin runes

  • Set of 25 runes, each designed to foster a positive atmosphere and aid in personal growth
  • Engraved with sacred scripts from the depths of Nordic and Celtic lore
  • Personalized guidance included, enhancing the precision of your spiritual insights
  • Each rune acts as a key to unlocking the mysteries of the cosmos and your path in it
  • Presented in a specially designed pouch, perfect for safekeeping and transportation

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Introducing our Style 3 set of 25 Custom-Made Resin Runes, each piece a portal to the ancient knowledge that guided the Vikings and Celts through their lives. Engraved with the same sacred script that was revealed to Odin, these runes serve not just as a divination tool but as a connection to the universe's profound mysteries.

According to legend, the wisdom of the Futhark runic alphabet was bestowed upon Odin as he hung from the world tree, Yggdrasil. Each rune is imbued with its unique meaning and power, offering guidance and insight into our future paths and the energies that shape them.


This set goes beyond mere prediction; it offers a means to influence the world around you, with personalized guidance provided to help you understand and harness the runes' power. It's an invitation to partake in an ancient tradition, bringing the secrets of the past into the present.


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Quantity: 25

Materials: Resin

Our Style 3 runes are crafted with care and intent, each set a unique conduit to the ancient energies that once shaped the destinies of men and gods alike. Enclosed in a specially designed pouch and accompanied by guidance for interpretation, these runes offer a bridge to the wisdom of the ancients, right in the palm of your hand.

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