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Handgefertigte Birka-Brosche im Borre-Stil

Handgefertigte Birka-Brosche im Borre-Stil

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  • Authentic Birka Brooch in Borre Style: A faithful replica of the historical designs found in Birka, showcasing the intricate Borre art style.
  • Symbol of Scandinavian Artistry: Represents the zenith of Viking metalwork with detailed interlaced motifs and zoomorphic figures.
  • Crafted with Precision: Each piece is meticulously made to ensure historical accuracy and artistic perfection.
  • A Piece of History: Embodying the spirit and tradition of Viking craftsmanship through each design element.

Beschreibung: Was stellt dieses Produkt dar?

The Birka Brooch, decorated in the celebrated Borre style, is a magnificent representation of Viking era artistry, dating back to the 9th and 10th centuries. Originating from grave 845 in Birka, Sweden, this brooch is not merely an accessory but a gateway to the rich cultural tapestry of the Vikings.

Adorned with complex interlaced patterns and animal motifs that symbolize power and mysticism, the Borre style is distinctive for its execution of zoomorphic figures. These designs capture the essence of the Norse mythology's animalistic deities, revered by the Vikings for their strength and cunning.

This brooch allows the wearer to carry a symbol of Viking tradition and excellence, serving as a badge of honor that connects the modern with the ancestral, celebrating centuries of Scandinavian heritage and artistry.


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Color: Bronze

Dimensions: Diameter 5cm, crafted to stand out as a statement piece.

Origin: Meticulously crafted in Spain, where traditional techniques preserve the legacy of Viking craftsmanship.

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