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Handgefertigtes bronzefarbenes Raben-Mjolnir-Lavastein-Armband

Handgefertigtes bronzefarbenes Raben-Mjolnir-Lavastein-Armband

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Hommage an die mächtigen nordischen Götter Odin und Thor

  • Passt nahtlos zu verschiedenen Modestilen
  • Hergestellt aus hochwertigen Materialien für dauerhaften Tragekomfort
  • Sicherer Verschluss mit einzigartigem V.K.N.G-Hammerdesign
  • Symbolisiert Selbstvertrauen und innere Stärke

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The Mjolnir Lavastone Bracelet is more than an accessory; it's a symbol of the profound virtues of Norse mythology. Embodying the wisdom of Odin and the strength of Thor, this bracelet is a talisman for those who seek courage and guidance in their lives.

Adorning your wrist with this piece, you carry a message of confidence, a silent yet powerful statement in any setting. It's not just jewelry; it's a reminder of the resilience needed to overcome adversity and the direction required to navigate life's challenges.

In the spirit of Norse paganism, this bracelet is worn today as a modern emblem of protection, connecting the wearer to the ancient traditions and beliefs of the Vikings. Whether paired with everyday attire or special outfits, it serves as an ideal complement, enhancing both your style and spirit.

SKU : BP42

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Color: Black
Closure: V.K.N.G Hammer
Size Hammer: 0.90" x 0.79" (2.3cm x 2.0cm)

Metal: Italian Bronze (Copper 88%, Tin 12%). Lead, cadmium and nickel free

Materials: Greece cotton rope 6mm; natural lava beads; natural stone

Sizes Available: S (5.9 - 6.5 in / 15 - 16 cm), M (6.7 - 7.3 in / 17 - 18 cm), L (7.5 - 7.9 in / 19 - 20 cm), XL (8 - 8.7 in / 21 - 22 cm), XXL (9 - 9.4 in / 23 - 24 cm)

Made in: Ukraine