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Ausgeschnittener Lebensbaum-Pentagramm-Pentagramm-Wicca-Anhänger aus 925er Sterlingsilber

Ausgeschnittener Lebensbaum-Pentagramm-Pentagramm-Wicca-Anhänger aus 925er Sterlingsilber

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  • Unique Cut-Out Tree of Life and Pentagram design, symbolizing universal harmony and spiritual protection
  • Masterfully crafted from premium 925 Sterling Silver by skilled artisans
  • Embraces revered symbols in Wiccan and various spiritual traditions for interconnectedness and protection
  • Ideal for pairing with:

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The Cut-Out Tree of Life Pentacle Pentagram Wiccan Pendant intricately marries the profound symbolism of interconnectedness and spiritual safeguarding with the art of silver craftsmanship. The Tree of Life, embracing the unity of all life forms, and the Pentagram, a protective and elemental emblem in Wiccan tradition, are harmoniously blended in a design that speaks to both the heart and spirit.

Crafted with precision from 925 Sterling Silver, this pendant is not merely decorative but serves as a beacon of spiritual wisdom and a shield against negativity. Its cut-out design enriches its symbolic meaning, offering a tangible connection to the natural world and the protective forces that it symbolizes.

This pendant is a testament to the wearer's journey towards spiritual enlightenment, balance, and protection, making it a significant piece for those who cherish depth, beauty, and the symbolic richness of their adornments.

SKU : CS152

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Color: Silver
Size: 1-3/16" (30mm) in diameter
Weight: 6gr
Materials: 925 Sterling Silver

This pendant is a harmonious addition to any spiritual or fashion-forward ensemble, offering both a deep symbolic resonance and a timeless aesthetic appeal.

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