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Handgefertigter Drakkar-Kopf-Anhänger aus gebürstetem Sterlingsilber

Handgefertigter Drakkar-Kopf-Anhänger aus gebürstetem Sterlingsilber

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Drakkar Head Brushed Sterling Silver Pendant

  • Symbolizes the formidable bow of a Viking Drakkar ship
  • Designed to strike fear into the hearts of enemies, embodying Viking bravery
  • Captures the spirit of Viking adventure and exploration
  • Boasts a unique and meticulously detailed design
  • Crafted by skilled artisans from the highest quality brushed silver
  • Includes a versatile 2.5mm hole; available in gold upon request

Pendant sold alone, ideal combinations include:

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What does this jewelry represent?

The sight of a Viking Drakkar, or dragon ship, approaching with its elaborate dragon head bow was enough to strike terror in the hearts of those who lay in the Vikings' path. This pendant captures that iconic dragon head, symbolizing the fearlessness and aggressive spirit of the Viking warriors.

Vikings used these ships not only for warfare but also for exploration and trade, reaching distant lands like Russia, Asia, and even the Americas long before other Europeans. The Drakkar was essential to Viking life, guiding them through both calm and stormy seas.

This pendant invites you to embrace the Viking spirit of adventure and courage, celebrating their legacy of exploration and conquest. Wear it to bring the Viking's fearless nature into your everyday life.

SKU : CV12

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Color: Silver

Weight: 8 grams

Size: 36 x 30 x 2 mm

Hole size: 6 mm

Materials: Brushed Sterling Silver 925

Made in Ukraine

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