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Drakkar Langschiff Sterling Silber Anhänger

Drakkar Langschiff Sterling Silber Anhänger

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Normaler Preis 74.90 USD Verkaufspreis 74.90 USD
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  • Drakkar Longships design, sailed by Viking warriors
  • Represents both the intellect and ferociousness of the Vikings
  • Created using traditional Viking design styles
  • Made by expert craftsmen using the finest materials
  • Hole 2.5mm
  • Pendant sold alone, perfect fit with:

Beschreibung: Was stellt dieses Produkt dar?

For the neighboring people that lived during the Viking age, there would have been few things more terrifying than seeing the sails of a Viking ship on the horizon.

The best Viking ships were known as Drakkar, and were painted to look like sea dragons, in the style of the Midgard Serpent Jormungandr, to further strike fear in the hearts of those who saw them.

But while the Drakkar ship represents the raiding Viking warrior, it also represents the Viking intellect.

It was the superior technology of the Vikings, in terms of their ships and their weaponr