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Fossi's Mjolnir Copper



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Fossi's Mjolnir Copper

💎 Replica of authentic Mjolnir pendant from Iceland
💎 Protective symbol, with the wolf head representing chaos
💎 Blurring of lines between Viking and Christian traditions
💎 Handcrafted in copper

Pendant sold separately, perfect with:

➡️ Genuine Leather Cord: Here
➡️ Fine Sterling Silver Chain: Here

This stunning copper pendant is a replica of a Mjolnir pendant from Fossi in Iceland and dating from the 10th century. It is thought to belong to the period of early Christianization, conflating the cross and the hammer in a single pendant. While the original was made from silver, this copy is made in a fine copper alloy.

Mjolnir, Thor's Hammer, was a popular symbol throughout the Viking period. Individuals wore the hammer as a symbol of the protection of the god Thor. The god of thunder used his hammer to protect mankind against the forces of chaos.

Perhaps the best representation of chaos in the Viking world was the wolf, a powerful and brutal force that cannot be reasoned with or controlled. The most famous Viking wolf is Fenrir, who is destined to kill Odin himself at Ragnarok.


Th handle of the hammer on this pendant is a wolf's head, representing the forces of chaos. The hammer also looks significantly like the Christian crosses that were worn at the time. This reflects the blurring of the lines between the two religions, as was common during the peaceful Christianization of Scandinavia.

Size : 4.5 x 3 cm

Made in Spain