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Handgefertigter Ring aus Sterlingsilber im Jormungandr-Symbol-Eichen-Stil

Handgefertigter Ring aus Sterlingsilber im Jormungandr-Symbol-Eichen-Stil

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This product also exists in Bronze

  • Inspired by genuine Viking artistry
  • Embodies the legendary Jormungandr from Norse mythology
  • Exquisite craftsmanship with attention to detail
  • Crafted in high-quality sterling silver
  • Quarter sizes available upon request
  • Customizable in gold – contact us for details

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The Jormungandr, or Midgard Serpent, encapsulates the boundless imagination and fear of the unknown that pervaded Norse mythology. A creature of immense power, born of Loki, this serpent was cast into the ocean by the gods, growing so vast it could encircle Midgard and grasp its tail in its mouth. Its fate is intertwined with that of Thor, destined to face each other in a cataclysmic duel come Ragnarok, marking the end of the world.

This ring captures the essence of Jormungandr, not just as a fearsome beast but as a vital part of Viking artistic expression. The Vikings celebrated the serpent in their art, twisting and elongating animal forms into intricate patterns. Jormungandr's iconic image, suited for such artistic renditions, symbolizes this profound tradition.

Set against an oak-style backdrop that nods to Yggdrasil, the Tree of Life holding the Norse cosmos, this sterling silver ring blends mythology with a touch of the natural world. It is more than an accessory; it is a token of the timeless saga of gods, monsters, and the men who revered them. A piece that brings a slice of the Viking spirit to the modern era.

SKU : AV119

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Color: Silver
Weight: 15g
Materials: 925 sterling silver
Origin: Made in Ukraine

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