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Viking Gift Card

Do you want to get something special for the person in your life with a Viking heart, but you aren’t sure exactly what they would like? Get them a gift card for the VKNG site and let them choose for themselves.

Choose from $50, $100, $150, and $250 options.

What can they get with their gift card?

Explore our collection of Mjolnir Pendants, an essential piece of jewelry for any Viking. These were commonly worn in the Viking age and many of the pendants in our collection are historical replicas. They were a symbol of protection, and during Christianization, worn to mark continued allegiance to the old gods.

They can choose Signet Rings featuring some of the most compelling symbols from the Viking world, choosing the most meaningful as their personal symbol. Among the most popular is the Valknut, the symbol of Valhalla. This was the Viking afterlife for brave fallen warriors and the ambition of all Vikings. The Valknut represents the place, and the courage it takes to earn a spot there.

They might like one of our Rune Pieces. Choose from handcrafted iron rune necklaces, pendants featuring individual runes or runic staves from the Icelandic grimoires, and Viking-style hair beads with rune symbols. The Vikings believed that their runes were not just a system of writing, but had magical properties.

Odin saw the Norns, the Norse fates, using the runes at the base of Yggdrasil, the world tree. He was jealous of their knowledge and hung himself from the tree for nine days and nights pierced by his own spear to learn their secrets, which he shared with mankind.

We know that many Viking warriors were also rune masters, but little about how rune magic worked in the Viking age. But a series of Icelandic grimoires survive from the 16th-19th centuries, which contain magical runic staves. Among the most popular are Aegishjalmur, the Helm of Awe, which grants protection and strength, and Vegvisir, the Norse Compass, which guides you on your path.

As well as rune magic, the Vikings practiced Seidr Magic and their witches were called Volva. Yggdrasil, the world tree, is closely linked with this practice as the tree represents the importance of nature in Viking philosophy. The Vikings made their sacred spaces in nature rather than buildings. The Triquetra, also seen in the Celtic world, is also linked with magic.

Your gift recipient will find rings, necklaces, and earrings featuring these symbols in the VKNG collection.

The collection features a variety of bracelets including Viking-style torque arm rings, wrap-around leather bracelets, chunky leather bracelets that you can personalize with your favorite Viking symbols, and chain bracelets that slither around your arm like Jormungandr. Arm rings were popular in the Viking age as a symbol of membership in a warrior group and for swearing oaths and making promises.

As well as featuring symbols from the Viking world such as the Horned Triskelion and Ravens of Odin, our jewelry will often feature Viking weapons including the famous Norse axe, the immediately recognizable Viking round shield, Odin’s spear Gungnir, and the venerable Viking sword.

As well as jewelry, the VKNG collection includes apparel. You will find replica historical clothing for anyone putting together an authentic look. You will also find t-shirts, tanks, and hoodies featuring exclusive designs. These include the runes and also images of the norse gods including Odin, Loki, and Freyja, plus Hel and her guard dog Garm and Tyr and the Norse wolf Fenrir.

They might also want to search our growing library of books on Norse mythology and Viking culture based on the popular VKNG blog. Choose from print or e-book options. They might also like our home décor collection of god statuettes.

Basically, there is something for every Viking fan and follower of Norse culture in the VKNG collection, so a VKNG gift card might just make the perfect gift!