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Book : Norse Gods, Monsters & Myths


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The VKNG brand isn't just about style. It is about creating authentic pieces that reflect Viking culture and Norse religion and philosophy. That is why we spend a lot of time researching and sharing insights into these subjects on our blog.

Following popular demand from the community, we have put together a book on Norse mythology based on our blog. It is 100 pages sharing bite-size articles on the gods, jotunn, nine realms, and most important stories from Norse mythology.

The book makes a great addition to any gift you buy on the VKNG site or a nice addition to your personal library to pick up any time you want a quick shot of Viking philosophy.

Norse Gods, Monsters, and Myths

Contents Preview:

1. In The Beginning: The Norse Creation Myth 6
2. The Norse Cosmos 8
2.1 Yggdrasil 8
2.2 Niflheim 9
2.3 Muspelheim 10
2.4 Asgard 11
2.5 Vanaheim 13
2.6 Jotunheim 14
2.7 Midgard 15
2.8 Helheim 16
2.9 Alfheim 18
2.10 Svartalfheim 19
3. Norse Gods & Monsters 20
3.1 Odin the All-Father 21
3.2 Thor the God of Thunder 24
3.3 Loki the Trickster 27
3.4 Freyr the God of Fertility and Virility 30
3.5 Freyja the Goddess of Love and Beauty 31
3.6 Frigg the Domestic Goddess 34
3.7 Baldr the Lost God of Light 36
3.8 Heimdall the Watchful God 38
3.9 Tyr the Just God of War 40
3.10 Njord the God of Sea and Winds 42
3.11 Sif the Goddess of the Harvest 44
3.12 Sigyn the Devoted and Victorious Goddess 46
3.13 Idunn the Goddess of Youth 47
3.14 Bragi the Bard of Asgard 50
3.15 Ullr the God of Winter 51
3.16 Vidar the Vengeful God 53
3.17 Angrboda 55
3.18 Fenrir the Mightly Wolf 57
3.19 Jormungandr the Midgard Serpent 59
3.20 Hel the Queen of the Dead 61
4. Myths & Legends 63
4.1 Aesir-Vanir War 64
4.2 Mead of Poetry 65
4.3 Walls of Asgard 67
4.4 Odin Wins the Runes 68
4.5 Siff’s Hair 70
4.6 Thor’s Wedding 72
4.7 Utgard-Loki 74
4.8 Andvari’s Ring 76
4.9 Fishing for Jormungandr 79
4.10 Death of Baldr 80
5. Ragnarok 82
Epilogue - Norse Religion Today 85