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Book : Norse Symbols And Viking Runes

Book : Norse Symbols And Viking Runes

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Book : Norse Symbols And Viking Runes

The VKNG brand isn't just about style. It's about creating authentic pieces that reflect
 that reflect Viking culture and Nordic religion and philosophy.
That's why we spend a lot of time researching and sharing information on these subjects on our blog.
 on these subjects on our blog.
At the request of the
community, we've written a book on Nordic symbols and Viking runes based on our blog.
blog. It's a 66-page book with short explanatory articles.

A book is an excellent addition to any gift purchased on the VKNG site or a
an interesting addition to your personal library, which you can consult whenever you feel the need for an in-depth
of Viking philosophy.

Norse Gods, Monsters, and Myths

Contents Preview:

Section One: Norse Symbols
Mjolnir - Thor’s Hammer
Gungnir - Odin’s Spear
Valknut - Valhalla
Yggdrasil - World Tree
Brísingamen - Necklace of Freyja
Horned Triskelion - Bards and Wordsmiths
Triquetra - Norse Magic
Swastika - Odin’s Cross
Jormungandr - Midgard Serpent
Wolf - Fenrir
Hrafnsmerki - Ravens
Gullinbursti - Golden Boar
Bears - Berserker Warriors
Sleipnir - Odin’s Steed
Tanngrinsir and Tanngnjostr - Thor’s Goats
Cats - Freyja’s Familiars
Longships - Skidbladnir
Perun’s Axe - Eastern European Axes
Ukonvasara - Finnish Mjolnir
Modern Viking Symbols
Troll Cross
Web of Wyrd
Loki’s Snakes
Section Two: Viking Runes
Origins of the Runes
Nordic Rune Meanings
Nordic Rune Magic
Aegishjalmur - Helm of Awe
Vegvisir - Norse Compass
Lesser Known Galdrastafir
Gapaldur and Ginfaxi
Healing Runes
Section Three: Modern Rune Magic
Rune Divination
How to Ask Questions
Rune Casting
Runic Symbols
Bind Runes
Esoteric Rune Meanings
Fehu (or Fé)
Uruz (or Ur)
Thurisaz (or Thurs)
Ansuz (or Ass)
Raidho (or Reidh)
Kennaz (or Kaun)
Gebo (or Gipt)
Wunjo (or Vend)
Hagalaz (or Hagall)
Naudhiz (or Naudh)
Isa (or Iss)
Jera (or Ar)
Eihwaz (or Ihwar)
Algiz (or Ihwar)
Sowulo (or Sol)
Tiwaz (or Tyr)
Berkano (or Bjarkan)
Ehwaz (or Ior)
Mannaz (of Madhr)
Laguz (or Logr)
Ingwaz (or Ing)
Dagaz (or Dagr)
Othala (or Odal)
Selected References

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