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Hancrafted Ringerik Dragon Small Round Belt Buckle

Hancrafted Ringerik Dragon Small Round Belt Buckle

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  • Inspired by 10th-century Norwegian Ringerike style
  • Embodies the formidable spirit of Fenrir, the mighty wolf of Norse legend
  • Symbolizes the dual nature of being powerful yet controlled
  • Each piece is meticulously handcrafted by artisans
  • Connects the wearer to the ancient Viking lore and wisdom
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Description : What does this product represent?

From the heart of Norway's 10th century, emerges a design that captures the essence of the Viking era the Ringerik Dragon Belt Buckle. This artistic masterpiece, inspired by the Ringerike style, showcases the complexity and depth of Norse mythology through the figure of a dragon that embodies Fenrir, the legendary wolf.

Fenrir's tale is one of power, fear, and destiny. The gods, recognizing the threat he posed, bound him, yet he is prophesied to break free during Ragnarok, bringing about the end of the world. This buckle is a homage to that unstoppable force, a reminder of the raw power and chaos that Fenrir represents.

But beyond fear, Fenrir symbolizes the untamed forces within us all the passions and powers that, when harnessed, can lead to greatness. Odin himself, the Allfather, is accompanied by his wolves, Geri and Freki, signifying the balance of embracing one's strength while maintaining control.

This belt buckle, then, is not just an accessory. It is a call to the wearer to acknowledge their inner strength, to respect the balance of power within, and to walk the path of life with the wisdom of the ancients guiding them.


Additional Informations

Weight: 0.40 g
Size: Diameter 4.5 cm

Handmade in Spain, this buckle is a bridge between worlds, a piece of art that carries the spirit of the Viking age into the present. It serves not only as a fastening but as a talisman, a piece of history worn proudly, connecting the wearer to the legendary tales of Norse gods and monsters.

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