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Handcrafted Viking Symbolic Stones for Bracelet Asgard

Handcrafted Viking Symbolic Stones for Bracelet Asgard

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  • Beads embossed with significant Viking symbols, offering 21 different choices.
  • Customize your Midgard bracelet with symbols that carry personal meaning.
  • Available in bronze, silver-plated bronze, or sterling silver to match your style.
  • Perfectly complements the leather Asgard Viking Bracelet.
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Description : What does this product represent?

In the Viking world, symbols were not just art; they were potent emblems of belief, protection, and the favor of the gods.
These beads, designed for the Midgard bracelet, allow you to craft a piece of jewelry that is uniquely yours, selecting from 21 different Viking symbols.
Whether you choose the protective Helm of Awe, the formidable Drakkar, or the all-encompassing Yggdrasil, each bead is a reflection of ancient wisdom and personal significance.

Additional Informations

Color: Bronze/Silver
Size: 1.34" x 1.1" or 3.4cm x 2.8cm
Weight: Bronze 6-7 g, Silver 7-8 g
Material: European Bronze, Silver Plated Bronze, or Sterling Silver 925