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Hopeiset Sterling Tree Of Life -korvakorut

Hopeiset Sterling Tree Of Life -korvakorut

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  • Made from high-quality Sterling Silver 925 for lasting elegance
  • Each earring measures 0.66” or 1.7cm, perfect for a subtle yet striking appearance
  • Brings a touch of Viking style to your daily wear with its detailed Yggdrasil design
  • Crafted by top artisans, ensuring a highly detailed and authentic representation
  • Durable construction guarantees longevity and resilience

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The Tree of Life, Yggdrasil, stands as a towering emblem of connectivity and vitality in Norse mythology. This mythical ash tree binds the Nine Worlds together, its branches reaching into the heavens, making it the central pillar of the cosmos. It is said that the gods themselves would visit Yggdrasil daily, making it a site of divine congregation and decision-making.

Today, Yggdrasil transcends its mythological roots to symbolize life's interconnectedness and the cycle of birth, growth, death, and rebirth. For mothers, in particular, Yggdrasil holds a special resonance, symbolizing their journey into motherhood and the sustaining of life. These Silver Sterling Tree Of Life Earrings, intricately designed to capture the essence of Yggdrasil, serve as a beautiful homage to this enduring symbol, offering a connection to the ancient world and the timeless cycle of life.



Color: Silver

Size: 0.66" or 1.7 cm per earring

Materials: Sterling Silver 925

Adorn yourself with these Yggdrasil earrings to embody the strength, resilience, and interconnectedness of life, drawing inspiration from the enduring legacy of Norse mythology.

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