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Mug - La Fureur Du Dragon, Le Choc Des Guerriers Vikings

Mug - La Fureur Du Dragon, Le Choc Des Guerriers Vikings

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  • Evokes the fierce battles of Viking warriors under a dragon's gaze
  • Exquisite craftsmanship captures the intensity of a mythical clash
  • 500 ml capacity, perfect for enjoying your beverage of choice
  • 6" size, making it both a significant and practical collectible
  • A bold tribute to the strength and courage of Viking legends
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Description : Que représente ce produit ?

Enter the realm of Norse legends with the Dragon's Fury, Viking Warriors Clash Mug. This dynamic piece encapsulates the essence of Viking valor, depicting a vivid scene where fearless warriors engage in battle under the formidable presence of a dragon, a creature symbolizing supreme strength, courage, and resilience in Norse mythology.

Each stroke and contour of this mug is carefully crafted to bring this epic confrontation to life, showcasing the warriors in mid-clash, with the dragon overseeing the battle. The detailed craftsmanship not only captures the physical intensity but also the emotional depth of the moment, creating a powerful visual narrative.

This mug's generous 500 ml capacity offers versatility in use, suitable for a range of beverages. Its 6" stature ensures that it stands as a substantial yet manageable addition to any collection, perfect for those who appreciate both the artistry of the design and the functionality of the piece.

Designed for enthusiasts of Viking lore, collectors of unique items, or anyone drawn to the art of storytelling through objects, this mug stands as a testament to the legendary bravery of the Vikings. Its dramatic presence and meticulous detail make it a compelling centerpiece, sparking conversations and admiration.

The Dragon's Fury, Viking Warriors Clash Mug is not just a container for your drinks; it's a portal to the past, a reminder of the indomitable spirit that defined Viking warriors and the mythical beings that populated their stories and beliefs.

SKU : AE-HM-0766

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Design: Dragon's Fury, Viking Warriors Clash
Size: 6"
Capacity: ~500 ml
Detailing: Intricately designed, capturing a fierce Viking battle

Care Instructions: For longevity and preservation of detail, hand wash with gentle soaps. Avoid dishwasher use to maintain the mug's integrity.

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