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Loup Fenrir Avec Vegvisir Bague En Argent

Loup Fenrir Avec Vegvisir Bague En Argent

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  • Wolf signet, a powerful force to be respected and harnessed
  • Vegvisir, a genuine magical symbol that helps you find your way
  • Authentic Norse design style
  • Made from quality materials and a finely made cast
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Description : Que représente ce produit ?

Wolves were an important symbol in Norse mythology and Viking culture. They represented powerful forces of nature that should be respected. The most famous wolf is Fenrir, who is destined to kill Odin himself at Ragnarok.

The Vikings also realized that they had wolves inside themselves that had to be tamed and harnessed as a source of strength. Odin was always accompanied by two wolves, Geri (greedy) and Freki (ravenous).

This signet ring is the perfect piece for anyone who is harnessing their own inner wolf.

The sides of the ring are marked with Vegvisir, a magical symbol found in the Icelandic magical grimoires. It is a wayfinding symbol, use it, and you will never lose your way, even if you don't know your final destination.

SKU : AS48

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Color: Silver
Weight: 9.0 g

Materials: Silver Sterling 925

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