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Corne d'Odin Pendentif En Bronze Fabriqué A La Main

Corne d'Odin Pendentif En Bronze Fabriqué A La Main

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This product is also available in Sterling Silver 925

  • Horned Triskelion
  • Mead of Poetry
  • Sacred to Odin
  • Handmade in fine bronze
  • This product can be crafted in Gold (Contact Us)

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Description : Que représente ce produit ?

This stunning bronze pendant is an authentic representation of the horned Triskelion, one of the many symbols of Odin. The Triskelion represents the Mead of Poetry, a precious substance stored in three giant drinking horns.

According to Norse mythology, Odin tricked the giants guarding the mead to drink from all three horns, thereby gaining immense knowledge and poetic inspiration. He hoarded this wisdom for himself but also shared some of its secrets with mankind, bestowing the gift of poetry and eloquence.

The horned Triskelion is thus a powerful symbol of wisdom, cunning, and the transformative power of words. Wearing this pendant connects you to Odin's quest for knowledge and his gift of poetry. It is an ideal piece for modern poets, writers, and anyone who values the power of eloquence and wisdom.

SKU : CV42

Informations supplémentaires

Color: Bronze
Size: 34 x 34 x 13 mm
Weight: 9g
Hole: 2.5mm
Materials: Bronze

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