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Handgjord Borre-stilad brosch

Handgjord Borre-stilad brosch

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The Handcrafted Borre Styled Brooch revives the craftsmanship and intricate aesthetics of the 9th century through its historically accurate, tongue-shaped design. A meticulous replica of artifacts housed in the British Museum, this piece channels the artistry of the Viking Age.

Adorned in the Borre style, known for its tight, looping ornamentation and animalistic figures, the brooch serves as more than mere decoration. It reflects the utilitarian yet culturally rich practices of Norse attire, often used to fasten and adorn outer garments like cloaks and woolen tunics.

Featuring a sturdy needle for securing to fabric and a ring for attaching accessories, this brooch would have been integral to a Viking woman's ensemble, practical for daily wear yet emblematic of status and personal identity. The additional ring suggests its use in hanging amulets or tools, linking functionality with spiritual or personal expression.


Extra information

Color: Bronze

Size: Measures 8.2 x 2.7 cm

Materials: Bronze

Crafted in: Spain

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