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Handgjord keltisk La Téne-spegel

Handgjord keltisk La Téne-spegel

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  • Exclusively handcrafted by skilled artisans
  • Replica of an Iron Age mirror from 120-80 BC, discovered in St Keverne, England
  • Features geometric decoration in the La Téne style on the back
  • The "Y" shaped handle with a central loop mirrors ancient Celtic design
  • Made with high-quality brass, offering durability and a timeless aesthetic

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The Handcrafted Celtic La Téne Mirror is more than a reflective surface; it is a portal to the past, meticulously recreated to bring the essence of the Iron Age into your hands. Originating from 120-80 BC, this mirror is a faithful replica of an archaeological treasure unearthed in St Keverne, England, embodying the intricate artistry of the La Téne culture.

Adorned with geometric motifs that narrate tales of Celtic lore, the back of the mirror features two circles framed by striped triangles, a testament to the Celts' mastery of design and symbolism. The distinctive "Y" shaped handle, complete with a central loop, not only adds to its historical accuracy but also to its aesthetic appeal.

Handcrafted with care from brass, this mirror transcends its functional use, serving as a decorative piece that connects the present to the mystical world of the Celts. Its creation is an homage to the artisans of yore, whose skills and artistic visions continue to inspire and captivate.


Extra information

Size: Approximated measurements: 17.5 x 11.5 cm

Each mirror is handcrafted in Spain, ensuring that while each piece is a replica of an ancient artifact, it also possesses a unique character of its own. This Celtic La Téne Mirror is not just an object of reflection but a piece of history, artfully brought to life to adorn modern spaces with its timeless beauty.

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