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Handgjort drickshorn (med hölster/hornstativ/järnstativ)

Handgjort drickshorn (med hölster/hornstativ/järnstativ)

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This product pays homage to the seafaring explorers and their versatile gear.

  • Authentic design symbolizing Norse tradition and valor
  • Holds more than 300 ml, ideal for a historical drinking experience
  • Includes versatile display and carrying options: Holster, Horn Stand, Iron Stand
  • Unique, natural horn craftsmanship, making each piece distinctive
  • Durable and designed for those who cherish tradition and authenticity

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The Handmade Drinking Horn, accompanied by a Holster, Horn Stand, and Iron Stand, is a celebration of the Viking spirit, merging traditional valor with unparalleled craftsmanship. This ensemble is not merely for drinking; it is a tribute to the historical significance and natural beauty of the materials from which it is made.

Crafted from genuine horn, each piece is unique, offering a tangible connection to the past. The distinctive patterns and colors of the horn echo the rugged landscapes of the Norse homeland, reminding us of the courage and the adventures of the Vikings.

With a generous capacity of over 300 ml, this drinking horn invites you to partake in the historical experience of Vikings, whether enjoying meads, ales, or any beverage that calls for a touch of tradition.

The inclusion of a Holster, Horn Stand, and Iron Stand offers flexibility in how you choose to display or carry this piece, ensuring that it stands as a testament to both functionality and aesthetic appeal in any setting.

SKU : AE-HM-0467

Extra information

Color: Varied, showcasing the natural beauty of horn
Size: 12"-14" in length
Capacity: More than 300 ml

Materials: Genuine Natural Horn

Accessories: Comes with a Holster, Horn Stand, and Iron Stand for multiple display and carrying options

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