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Handgjord medeltida knapp - 5 delar

Handgjord medeltida knapp - 5 delar

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A touch of medieval elegance for your attire

  • Expertly handcrafted by artisans, celebrating medieval craftsmanship
  • Inspired by historical designs from the Early Middle Ages to the Renaissance
  • Ball-shaped buttons, versatile in use for Viking kaftans to Renaissance doublets
  • Made of brass for durability and historical authenticity
  • Includes a set of 5 pieces, perfect for a complete garment

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Imbued with the spirit of the past, these Handcrafted Medieval Buttons are a homage to the timeless elegance and functionality of historical attire. Drawing inspiration from various historical exemplars, these simple yet versatile buttons span a wide temporal range, from the Early Middle Ages to the Renaissance period.

Designed to be as functional as they are aesthetic, these ball-shaped buttons can seamlessly adorn a Viking kaftan, a 13th-century tunic neck, or even a Renaissance doublet, offering a touch of authenticity and refinement to any piece of clothing. Each button is meticulously handmade with brass, reflecting the artisans' dedication to recreating the durability and aesthetic of the medieval period.

This set of 5 buttons is not only an accessory but a bridge to the past, allowing the wearer to connect with the rich tapestry of history through their attire.


Extra information

This listing includes 5 pieces, ensuring you have a complete set for your garment reconstruction or creation. Handcrafted in Spain, these buttons are a testament to the enduring appeal of medieval craftsmanship, bringing a piece of history into modern attire.

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