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Kort Ulltunika Svenja

Kort Ulltunika Svenja

Ordinarie pris 657 SEK
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  • Hearty wool for northern climates
  • Simple, durable Norsewear
  • Earth-tone color for natural blending
  • Ideal for historical enactments and everyday wear
  • Made with the wisdom of Viking textile craftsmanship

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The Short Wool Tunic Svenja harkens back to the Viking age, where robustness was as prized as gold. Its woolen weave is a fortress against the chill, a testament to the resilience required in the harsh Nordic environment.

The earthy tone speaks of the deep fjords and vast forests, a subtle blend into the natural world the Vikings held dear.

More than mere attire, this tunic is a wearable saga, each thread a line in an epic poem of enduring spirit and strength.

Whether for a foray into the realm of historical recreation or the pursuit of daily ventures, it offers warmth and a tangible link to the valor of the North.

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Extra information

Color: Earthy Green, like the Viking wilderness

Texture: Dense Wool for warmth and durability

Adorn yourself in the Svenja, a tunic that wraps you in history, comfort, and the indomitable Viking spirit.

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