About Viking Armrings

Looking for a classic Viking Arm Ring? You will find our complete collection of Viking Torc Bracelets here.

Viking bracelets are usually called arm rings because they are bangle-style bracelets. It is not clear whether they were worn on the wrist on further up on the arm.

Viking chiefs would often give pieces of jewelry to their warriors. This was to share the wealth of their combined conquests, which was necessary to secure the ongoing loyalty and support of his warriors. Bracelets were among the most common pieces of jewelry exchanged.

As such, bracelets represented the success of a warrior and their status within their community.

We also know from one of the sagas that the Vikings would swear oaths on arm rings. One saga describes a holy space with an altar in the center of the space. Upon the altar sat a bowl of blood from sacrificial animals and an arm ring on which those present had sworn an oath. This oath was witnessed by the gods, and therefore could not be broken.

Many modern followers of the old Norse religion will use an arm ring as a symbol of promises that they have made to themselves or others. Oaths are often sworn to Var, the Norse goddess associated with oaths and agreements.

Viking Arm Ring Symbols

Our arm rings feature a variety of different Viking design styles and symbols. Choose one that speaks to your inner Viking.

Viking Arm Ring with FenrirFenrir is the Norse wolf destined to kill Odin himself at Ragnarok. He represents a wild force that cannot be tamed. But he is not the only wolf in Norse mythology, Odin is also always accompanied by two wolves, Geri (greedy) and Freki (ravenous). They represent challenging aspects of the god, but also sources of power.

Viking Arm Ring with Huginn and Muninn – These ravens, whose names mean “thought” and “memory” are the familiars of Odin. They fly out into the world every day and tell the god everything they see and hear. When he chooses to wander the world himself, they accompany him. It was a good sign to see ravens circling the battlefield as it meant that Odin was present to choose the bravest dead for Valhalla. These arm rings offer the proximity to Odin.

Viking Arm Ring with Jormungandr – The Midgard Serpent represents the thing that men and gods fear most. The gods so feared the potential power of Jormungandr that they threw him into the waters surrounding Midgard. There, the serpent grew to an enormous size and can encircle the whole world and hold his own tail in his mouth. Problems ignored often grow. These arm rings represents the circle of life. Jormungandr will drop his tail at Ragnarok when he is destined to fight to the death with Thor, the two killing one another. 

Viking Arm Ring with Dragon – It is often difficult to differentiate between serpents and dragons in the Norse world. But the dragon Nidhogg lives among the roots of Yggdrasil. These arm rings represents the strong of Nidhogg and dragons. He gnaws on the roots, causing the tree great pain. The Vikings would paint some of their ships, Drakkar, to look like sea dragons. It would have been terrifying to see one on the horizon.

Viking Arm Ring with Viking Runes – The Vikings believed that their runes were not just an alphabet that could be used to describe the world, but also a magical toolkit that could be used to shape destiny. The Norns use the runes to write destiny into the bark of Yggdrasil. When Odin saw this, he was desperate to obtain the knowledge. He hung himself from Yggdrasil for none days and nights pierced by his own spear to learn the secrets, which he shared with mankind. Many of the heroes of the sagas are also rune masters.