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925 Sterling hopea Viking Valknut Knots -rannerengas

925 Sterling hopea Viking Valknut Knots -rannerengas

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  • Viking torque-style cuff bracelet, epitomizing the Viking spirit
  • Features the Valknut, a sacred symbol of Valhalla
  • Symbolizes the bravery and courage required of Viking warriors
  • Handcrafted in fine 925 Sterling Silver, ensuring quality and durability
  • A tribute to the legacy of the Vikings and their journey to the afterlife
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Imbued with the spirit of the Viking ethos, the 925 Sterling Silver Viking Valknut Knots Bangle is a modern testament to ancient beliefs. The Valknut, prominently featured on this torque-style cuff, serves as a beacon of courage, guiding the wearer in the footsteps of the mightiest warriors towards Valhalla, Odin's hall.

In Norse mythology, the Valknut symbolizes the warrior's journey to the afterlife, a realm where only the bravest find solace in Odin's presence. This arm ring, adorned with repeating patterns of the Valknut, stands as a homage to this sacred passage, signifying the wearer's respect for the valor and bravery that defined Viking life.

Handcrafted in fine 925 Sterling Silver, this bangle not only echoes the aesthetic beauty of Viking craftsmanship but also embodies the profound meanings associated with their most revered symbols. It's designed to be a flexible and durable accessory, fitting comfortably around the wrist, symbolizing the unbreakable bond between past and present.

Let this bangle inspire you with the courage and wisdom of the Vikings, carrying their legacy forward in your daily life.

SKU : BS10


Material: Sterling Silver

Size: Adjustable 16-22cm

Weight: 16 grams

Bangle's maximum frontal width of 1/2" (12mm) tapers off to about 3/16" (5mm) at the back. Bangle diameter: 5.5cm-6cm (opening adjustable). Inner Circumference: 6-5/16" (about 16-17cm).

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