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925 Strerling Silver Triquetra korvakorut

925 Strerling Silver Triquetra korvakorut

Normaalihinta €53,95 EUR
Normaalihinta Alennushinta €53,95 EUR
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  • Genuine Norse symbol reflecting profound wisdom
  • Invokes the guidance of Odin, the god of wisdom
  • Intricately designed, showcasing exceptional craftsmanship
  • High-quality materials ensure lasting durability
  • A testament to the wearer's pursuit of knowledge and power
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Odin, renowned not only as the Norse god of war but also as the deity of wisdom, undertook extraordinary quests for knowledge. His sacrifices, including the self-removal of an eye and enduring nine days and nights on the Tree of Life, underscore his relentless pursuit of wisdom through the runes.

The triquetra, or triskel, symbolizes this quest, intertwining three interlocking motifs that echo the tales of Odin's wisdom, including his cunning acquisition of the Mead of Poetry. These sterling silver earrings, adorned with the triquetra, serve as a beacon for those who value wisdom as the essence of power.

Embrace the profound legacy of Odin's wisdom with these meticulously crafted triquetra earrings, a symbol of the intricate balance between strength, bravery, and the enduring quest for knowledge.



Color: Silver
Size: 1/2" (15mm) in diameter not including the earwires
Materials: Sterling Silver 925

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