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Lahjarasia Thorin vasarariipus ja viikinkipartahelmiä

Lahjarasia Thorin vasarariipus ja viikinkipartahelmiä

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  • A unique gift set featuring Thor's Hammer pendant & Viking rune hair beads
  • Symbolizes protection and strength, drawing from Viking tradition
  • Incorporates Viking runes with deep symbolic meanings
  • Presented in an exclusive Odin Allfather gift box, perfect for any enthusiast
  • Crafted with meticulous attention to detail
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In the heart of Norse mythology, Mjolnir, Thor's Hammer, stands as a towering symbol of protection, strength, and power. This gift set, comprising a sterling silver Thor's Hammer pendant and Viking rune hair beads, captures the essence of Viking valor and spirituality.

Mjolnir, more than just a weapon of the gods, served as a protector against the chaos of the cosmos. Worn by Vikings as an amulet, it was a common sight across the Nordic world, embodying the wearer's bravery and seeking the favor of the gods.

Accompanying the pendant are stainless steel Viking rune beads, each inscribed with ancient symbols. These runes were not just letters but held profound meanings, guiding the Vikings through life's trials and tribulations. Together, they weave a narrative of courage, wisdom, and connection to the divine.

This set is a tribute to the Viking's adventurous spirit, their deep connection with the divine, and their relentless pursuit of destiny. It's more than a gift; it's a passage into the world of Norse gods, heroes, and myths.

runes-alphabet-elder-futhark-viking SKU : CS92 + PA4


Materials: Pendant - Stainless Steel 316L, Beads - Stainless Steel 316L

Size: Beads - 6mm Diameter; Pendant - Weight: 19g

Quantity: 24 Beads

Package: Comes in a unique Odin Allfather gift box, making it the perfect present for any Viking enthusiast.

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