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Käsinveistetty ainutlaatuinen puinen riimu Mjolnir Valknut riipus

Käsinveistetty ainutlaatuinen puinen riimu Mjolnir Valknut riipus

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Unique Wood Runic Mjolnir Valknut Pendant

  • Hand-carved from Italian Walnut, known for its rich color and fine grain
  • Combines the Norse symbols of Mjolnir and Valknut, representing power and honor
  • Each pendant is a unique piece, crafted by expert craftsmen to ensure no two are exactly alike
  • Ideal for those who value Norse mythology and the virtues of strength, honor, and courage
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What does this jewelry represent?

The Mjolnir, Thor's iconic hammer, is renowned in Norse mythology for its immense power and protective qualities. It symbolizes the god of thunder's strength and the protection he grants to gods and men against the forces of chaos.

The Valknut, associated with Odin, represents the bravery of fallen warriors who have been chosen for Valhalla. Its interlocking triangles symbolize the interconnectedness of the nine worlds of Norse cosmology and the cycle of life and death.

This pendant beautifully merges these symbols into a single piece, embodying the essence of Norse honor and the eternal cycle of life and death. Hand-carved in Italian Walnut, this pendant invites the bearer to carry the strength and wisdom of Norse gods wherever they go.

Due to its handcrafted nature, each pendant is uniquely made, ensuring a special connection to the ancient traditions it represents.

SKU : CW13


Size: 5 x 4.2 cm

Work Time: 3 hours

Material: Italian Walnut

Made in Italy

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