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Sterling hopea Snake Chain Mail 1,5mm

Sterling hopea Snake Chain Mail 1,5mm

Normaalihinta €40,95 EUR
Normaalihinta €62,95 EUR Alennushinta €40,95 EUR
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  • Sterling Silver Chain for the modern Viking
  • Snake style appearance, symbolizing renewal and transformation
  • Strong but discreet clasp for secure wear
  • Perfect compatibility with all our pendants
  • Feels like a warrior's chain without discomfort
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Discover the perfect companion for your Viking pendant - our Sterling Silver Snake Chain. Crafted with the finest sterling silver, this chain embodies the spirit of transformation and adaptability, akin to the snake's ability to shed its skin and emerge anew.

Its sturdy yet discreet clasp ensures your pendant remains securely in place, whether you're embarking on daily adventures or voyaging into the unknown. The chain's design is meticulously crafted to be comfortable for all-day wear, promising not to catch or pull.

Available in three lengths, this chain offers versatility and style, making it an ideal choice for those who carry the spirit of the Viking warrior. It's not just a chain; it's a statement of resilience and strength.

SKU : CS91


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