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Käsintehty Elborg-rannekoru

Käsintehty Elborg-rannekoru

Normaalihinta €34,95 EUR
Normaalihinta Alennushinta €34,95 EUR
Sisältää veron.
  • Handcrafted by expert craftsmen
  • Perfect for adding a Norse touch to everyday life
  • Secure double axe closure ensures the bracelet stays in place
  • Combines striking blue and classic black bracelets
  • Made with high-quality Italian Bronze and European Cotton & Wood
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The Elborg Bracelet is a testament to exquisite craftsmanship, a dual piece that effortlessly blends the allure of Norse mythology with contemporary fashion. The striking deep blue cord, complemented by a double axe closure, captivates onlookers, symbolizing the ocean's depth and mystery. This is paired with a contrasting black wooden bracelet, embodying timeless elegance. Together, they create a versatile accessory, suitable for both casual and formal settings. This unique combination of materials and colors not only celebrates the Nordic spirit but also offers a stylish addition to any wardrobe.

SKU : BP47


Color: Blue / Black

Closure: Double Axe

Size: Adjustable - S (5.9 - 6.5 in), M (6.7 - 7.3 in), L (7.5 - 7.9 in), XL (8 - 8.7 in), XXL (9 - 9.4 in)

Materials: Italian Bronze (Lead, cadmium, and nickel free), European Cotton & Wood

Made In Ukraine

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