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Käsintehty Fenrir Amulet -kaulakoru

Käsintehty Fenrir Amulet -kaulakoru

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  • Depicts Fenrir, the fearsome wolf from Norse legend
  • Symbolizes the raw power of nature and the complexity of stories
  • Crafted in traditional Norse artistic style
  • Each piece is a unique creation of skilled artisans
  • Made from premium Sterling Silver 925
  • Pendant sold individually
  • Perfect fit with: Genuine Leather Cord and Fine Sterling Silver Chain
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In the intricate web of Norse mythology, Fenrir stands as a symbol of nature's untamed ferocity and the inevitability of fate. This handcrafted Fenrir Amulet Necklace captures the essence of the legendary wolf, whose destiny is entwined with the gods themselves.

Fenrir's tale is one of power, betrayal, and a prophecy foretold. Born to Loki and the giantess Angrboda, Fenrir's strength and potential for destruction were feared by the gods. They bound him in chains, a deceit disguised as a challenge, leaving him with a deep sense of betrayal. This amulet embodies the complexity of Fenrir's story, a reminder that every tale has multiple facets.

The design of this pendant, echoing traditional Viking artistry, showcases the elongated, intertwined form of Fenrir, symbolizing the intertwining of fate, power, and revenge. It's a piece that speaks not just to the admirer of beauty, but to the storyteller and the seeker of deeper truths.

Embodying the dual nature of creation and destruction, this necklace offers a connection to the ancient world, reminding the wearer of the timeless lessons from Norse mythology and the power inherent in all natural forces.

SKU : CP20


Color: Silver
Weight: 12.1 g
Size: 1.21" x 0.9" (3.1cm x 2.3cm)

Materials: Sterling Silver 925
Cord Opening: 2.5mm
Origin: Handcrafted in Ukraine

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