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Käsintehty aito / luonnollinen sarvimuki

Käsintehty aito / luonnollinen sarvimuki

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  • Authentic Viking Elegance, inspired by Norse craftsmanship
  • Made from 100% Genuine Natural Horn, ensuring uniqueness in every piece
  • Generous 500 ml capacity, perfect for beer, mead, or any beverage of your choice
  • Robust and durable, designed for regular use
  • A timeless piece, adding a touch of history to your drinkware collection
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The Genuine / Natural Horn Mug embodies the historical richness and authentic Viking craftsmanship, serving not just as a vessel for your drinks but as a piece of art that transports you back to the age of Norse warriors. Each mug, unique in its coloration and pattern, crafted from 100% genuine natural horn, stands as a testament to individuality and ancient tradition.

With its substantial capacity of over 500 ml, this mug invites a variety of uses, from enjoying a traditional ale or mead to more modern beverages, ensuring each sip is imbued with the spirit of Viking feasts. Its durable design guarantees enduring utility, making every drink a celebration of history's richness.

This horn mug not only quenches your thirst but also serves as a constant reminder of the valor and traditions of the Vikings, enriching your drinkware with a layer of historical significance and unparalleled craftsmanship.

SKU : AE-HM-047



  • Color: Varied Natural Horn
  • Size: 6"
  • Capacity: > 500 ml
  • Materials: 100% Genuine Natural Horn

For care and maintenance, hand washing with mild soap is recommended to preserve the mug's unique features and prevent odors. Not suitable for dishwasher use.

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