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Head Warrior Wings hopea Sterling-sormus

Head Warrior Wings hopea Sterling-sormus

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Head Warrior Wings Silver Sterling Ring

  • Depicts the head of a Norse god or warrior, symbolizing strength and fearlessness
  • Inspired by Romantic period imagery, featuring distinctive winged elements
  • Unusual and compelling design that stands out as a statement piece
  • Meticulously crafted from high-quality sterling silver
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What does this jewelry represent?

This striking ring showcases a fierce warrior’s head, complete with a Viking helm that features unusual but historically inspired wings at the ears. This design element is reminiscent of Romantic period artistry, where such embellishments were commonly used to symbolize the mythical and heroic nature of Norse gods and warriors.

The winged helm, often misunderstood in popular culture as historically accurate, was actually a creative addition from later artistic interpretations of the Norse sagas. This ring embraces that blend of myth and artistic embellishment, making it a unique piece for those who appreciate both history and the art that it inspires.

It's perfect for modern Vikings and enthusiasts of Norse mythology who wish to carry the spirit of the ancient warriors into their daily lives.

SKU : AS20


Color: Silver

Weight: 15 g

Size: Head dimensions approximately 1" (25mm) long by 7/8" (22mm) at widest point

Materials: Sterling Silver 925

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