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Käsintehty Helm of Awe Symbol ja Wolf Ornament Sterling Silver Ring

Käsintehty Helm of Awe Symbol ja Wolf Ornament Sterling Silver Ring

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This product also exists in Gold

  • Authentic Viking runic magical stave used for courage and protection
  • Viking wolf delivered in authentic Jelling art style
  • Finest craftsmanship
  • Highest quality sterling silver
  • Available if you require a quarter size (contact us)
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The wolf, in Viking lore, epitomized the untamed and formidable forces of nature. It was so intertwined with the concept of ferocity and the supernatural that wolves were believed to be manifestations of the giants, capable of transforming at will and roaming the lands in fearsome packs. The most legendary of these wolves, Fenrir, son of Loki, symbolized a power so immense that the gods themselves resorted to dwarven craft to bind him with a chain forged from the impossible.

Yet, the Viking spirit did not cower in fear but sought mastery over it through the runic arts. The runes, more than mere symbols, were tools of creation and protection, shaping the world through their magic. Among these, the Helm of Awe stood as a beacon of courage and safeguarding, its mark believed to invoke Odin's protection and embolden the warrior's heart.

This sterling silver ring embodies the fusion of these powerful symbols: the Helm of Awe, a testament to protection and bravery, cradled by wolves in the revered Jelling style, a hallmark of 10th-century Viking artistry. It is not merely an ornament but a declaration of strength, a reminder of the ancient wisdom that taught how to face the world's darkness with courage.

SKU : AV102


Color: Silver

Weight: 6g

Materials: 925 sterling silver

Made In: Ukraine

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