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Käsintehty Vegvisir norjalaiskoristeisella hopeasormuksella

Käsintehty Vegvisir norjalaiskoristeisella hopeasormuksella

Normaalihinta €121,95 EUR
Normaalihinta Alennushinta €121,95 EUR
Sisältää veron.
  • Incorporates the Vegvisir, the ancient Norse compass, for unerring direction and guidance
  • Derived from Icelandic magical grimoires, symbolizing protection and guidance
  • Emblem of spiritual navigation in Asatru, guiding through life's journey
  • Crafted from premium quality sterling silver
  • Customizable in gold upon request, blending tradition with personal choice
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The Vegvisir, known as the Norse compass, is a beacon of ancient wisdom, offering guidance and protection through life's uncertain voyages. This mystical symbol, stemming from the Icelandic magical grimoires of the 18th century, serves as a promise of never losing one's way, even in unknown terrains. It embodies the deep-seated belief in the power of runic magic, a legacy of the Viking ancestors and their profound connection to the cosmos.

This sterling silver ring is a modern homage to the enduring spirit of Norse exploration and the eternal quest for understanding. It captures the essence of Vegvisir in a striking Viking-style design, making it a perfect talisman for those who seek the protection and guidance of the gods in their daily lives. The ring is not just a piece of jewelry but a symbol of spiritual guidance, anchoring its wearer in the ancient wisdom of Asatru.

SKU : AV109


Color: Silver
Weight: 12g
Materials: 925 sterling silver
Origin: Made in Ukraine

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