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Käsintehty Kabbarp's Mjolnir Copper

Käsintehty Kabbarp's Mjolnir Copper

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  • Authentic replica of a Viking age Mjolnir pendant
  • Symbolizes protection and allegiance to the old Norse gods
  • Thor's power, the god of thunder, in a handcrafted copper masterpiece
  • Perfect harmony with both genuine leather cord and fine sterling silver chain
  • Crafted with attention to historical detail and quality
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The Mjolnir, Thor's hammer, stands as a potent symbol across the ages.

Thor, revered in Norse mythology as the protector of both the divine realm of Asgard and the human world of Midgard, wielded Mjolnir to guard against the chaos of the giants. This iconic weapon was not merely a tool of battle but a guardian emblem, offering protection and blessing.

The tradition of wearing Mjolnir pendants, like the exquisite copper replica from Kabbarp, spanned the Viking age into the Christian era as a testament to unwavering faith in the old gods. Such pieces were more than adornments; they were declarations of strength, protection, and cultural identity.

This pendant, meticulously handcrafted in copper, mirrors the craftsmanship and spirit of its 10th-century silver predecessor. It encapsulates a piece of history, a tribute to Baron Claes Kurck’s legacy, now preserved in the Historical Museum in Stockholm.

Embrace the enduring power of Thor and the protective essence of Mjolnir with this meticulously crafted pendant, a bridge between past and present, myth and history.



Material: Zamak (Zinc, Aluminum, Magnesium, Copper) with a fine aging patina

Size: 4.5 x 3.5 cm

This copper pendant is a testament to the Viking era's craftsmanship, offering a unique piece of history to wear and cherish.

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