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Housut Kergon

Housut Kergon

Normaalihinta €47,95 EUR
Normaalihinta Alennushinta €47,95 EUR
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  • 100% Cotton for ultimate comfort and breathability
  • Features button closures for a secure and traditional fit
  • Available in two colors to suit your style preferences
  • Includes pockets and decorative seams for functionality and flair
  • Reinforced with a double layer of fabric at the knees for durability
  • Adjustable ankle tapes for a customizable fit
  • Expertly crafted in Germany, promising high-quality construction
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Embrace the essence of medieval practicality with our Kergon Pants, designed to bring durability and style to your wardrobe. These long cotton trousers are not only a testament to the Viking appreciation for sturdy clothing but also cater to the needs of modern medieval enthusiasts.

The Pants Kergon come equipped with button closures, offering a secure fit while adding a touch of historical authenticity. The inclusion of pockets and decorative seams enhances both the functionality and aesthetic of the trousers, making them perfect for various medieval performances or everyday adventures.

Special attention has been given to areas of high wear; the knees feature a double fabric layer to withstand rigorous activities. Furthermore, the adjustable ankle tapes allow for a comfortable and tailored fit, ensuring these trousers are as practical in the field as they are during festive occasions.

Choose from two available colors, each dyed by hand, ensuring a unique character and depth of color, mirroring the traditional techniques used during the Viking era.

SKU : VB11


Color Options: Two hand-dyed options to enhance your medieval attire
Materials: 100% Cotton, offering softness and comfort
Special Note: Cotton may shrink when washed, handle with care
Hand-Dyed: Colors are dyed by hand, leading to unique variations in each piece
Size Information: Available in multiple sizes, designed for a comfortable fit

Made with pride in Germany, our trousers reflect a commitment to preserving historical accuracy while incorporating modern craftsmanship.

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