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Käsintehty Raido Rune skandinaavinen koriste sterlinghopeasormus

Käsintehty Raido Rune skandinaavinen koriste sterlinghopeasormus

Normaalihinta ‚ā¨120,95 EUR
Normaalihinta Alennushinta ‚ā¨120,95 EUR
Sisältää veron.

  • Features the authentic Viking Raido rune
  • Symbolizes life's journey and personal path
  • Set in a genuine Mammen style setting
  • Exceptional craftsmanship in sterling silver
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The Raido rune, a beacon on the ancient Elder Futhark compass, signifies more than a simple phonetic sound; it embodies the essence of journey and movement. This symbol, deeply rooted in the Viking tradition, represents the continuous path of life and the quest inherent in each person's saga.

Crafted with precision, this sterling silver ring encapsulates the spirit of Raido within a setting inspired by the Mammen style, a hallmark of 10th-century Danish artistry. The Mammen style, characterized by its intricate designs and animal motifs, serves as a perfect backdrop to the Raido rune, enhancing its significance as a guide on the path to one's destiny.

For the modern Viking, this ring is not merely an ornament but a compass for the soul, guiding its wearer on their personal journey towards their dreams and aspirations.

SKU : AV62


Color: Silver
Weight: 10g
Materials: 925 Sterling Silver
Origin: Handcrafted in Ukraine

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