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Käsintehty Rømersdalin Mjolnir Bronze

Käsintehty Rømersdalin Mjolnir Bronze

Normaalihinta €35,95 EUR
Normaalihinta Alennushinta €35,95 EUR
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This product also exists in Sterling Silver

  • Replica of 10th-century Mjolnir pendant from Denmark
  • Symbol of protection, inspired by Thor
  • Incorporates the Dagaz rune for enlightenment and awakening
  • Handcrafted in fine bronze

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Discover the ancient power of Thor's hammer with the Rømersdal's Mjolnir Bronze Pendant, a meticulously crafted replica from 10th-century Denmark. This pendant encapsulates the essence of Thor, the god of thunder, as a divine protector wielding the formidable Mjolnir.

Adorned with the Dagaz rune, this pendant is not just a symbol of protection but also a beacon of enlightenment and awakening. The Dagaz rune, inscribed on the reverse, represents the phonetic "D" and symbolizes the dawning of a new day, embodying hope and renewal.

This artifact, found on the Isle of Bornholm, resonates with the Jelling artistic style prevalent among Vikings, featuring a cross with four dots symbolizing fertility and Thor's role as a fertility god. Handcrafted in fine bronze, this pendant carries the legacy of Viking artistry and spirituality.



Material: Bronze

Size: 43.4 x 2.8 cm

Made in Spain

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