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Käsintehty Scandinavian Runes Sterling Silver Sormus

Käsintehty Scandinavian Runes Sterling Silver Sormus

Normaalihinta €121,95 EUR
Normaalihinta Alennushinta €121,95 EUR
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  • Features Viking runes with magical properties for protection
  • Odin's gift to mankind, symbolizing wisdom and power
  • Handcrafted in sterling silver, showcasing exquisite craftsmanship
  • A shield signet inscribed with runes Othala, Ansuz, and Eihwaz
  • Ideal for modern Vikings and protectors of heritage
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The runes, more than mere letters, are a conduit of ancient power, a legacy from Odin himself. To the Vikings, these symbols were not just a way to communicate but were imbued with magical properties that could influence the very fabric of destiny.

Odin's quest for this wisdom was arduous, sacrificing himself upon Yggdrasil to gain the knowledge that he would later bestow upon mankind. This ring, adorned with the runes Othala, Ansuz, and Eihwaz, is a testament to this profound legacy. Othala represents heritage and Odin, Ansuz divine inspiration, and Eihwaz protection.

This sterling silver ring is not just jewelry; it is a powerful symbol of protection, wisdom, and connection to the ancient world. It is perfect for those who carry the spirit of the Viking warrior into their modern battles.

SKU : AV131


Color: Silver
Weight: 18g
Materials: 925 Sterling Silver
Origin: Handcrafted with care in Ukraine

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