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Hopeiset Sterling Helm Of Awe -korvakorut

Hopeiset Sterling Helm Of Awe -korvakorut

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  • Infuse your daily look with the Viking spirit through these Helm of Awe earrings
  • Expertly crafted with intricate detail by top artisans
  • Made from high-quality sterling silver for enduring beauty and strength
  • Perfect match with Helm of Awe Amulets and Rings for a cohesive Norse aesthetic

Helm of Awe Amulets

Helm of Awe Rings

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The Helm of Awe, an iconic symbol from Norse mythology, embodies the essence of power and protection. Its design, featuring eight arms radiating from a central point, evokes the image of tridents poised to defend against any threats. This ancient symbol was worn by Viking warriors for courage and defense in the face of adversity.

These Silver Sterling Helm Of Awe Earrings capture the potent magic of this symbol, offering not just an accessory, but a talisman. For those facing challenges, or seeking to shield themselves from future harm, these earrings serve as a powerful reminder of the protective and mighty force of Norse mythology. They are a perfect addition for anyone who draws inspiration from the strength and resilience of the Vikings.



Color: Silver

Size: 0.66" or 1.7 cm

Materials: Sterling Silver 925

Wear these Helm of Awe earrings as a symbol of protection and power, channeling the indomitable spirit of the Vikings in your everyday life.

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