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Käsintehty Silver Thor Hammer Helm Of Awe

Käsintehty Silver Thor Hammer Helm Of Awe

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This product also exists in Bronze

  • Fusion of Viking symbols Mjolnir and Aegishjalmur, embodying strength and protection
  • Crafted with durable materials and exceptional artistry
  • Handmade by skilled craftsmen, ensuring an original and high-quality model
  • Included genuine leather cord for versatile styling

Perfect fit with:

➡Genuine Leather Cord

➡Fine Sterling Silver Chain

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The Handcrafted Silver Thor Hammer Helm Of Awe Pendant is a powerful amalgamation of two revered Viking symbols. Mjolnir, Thor's mighty hammer, was not just a weapon but a symbol of divine protection. It symbolized the safeguarding of Asgard and Midgard from chaos, commanding lightning and thunder.

Aegishjalmur, or the Helm of Awe, was both a tangible artifact and a mystical spell. Embodying the formidable strength of the dwarf Fafnir, it was also known as a magical runic stave, painted on foreheads of warriors for strength and protection in battle.

This pendant masterfully blends these two potent symbols, etching the Aegishjalmur onto Mjolnir. Its reverse side features a unique dwarven face, referencing Fafnir’s tale, making this piece not just a symbol of protection and strength but also a carrier of rich Norse lore.

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Color: Silver
Weight: 0.63oz (18g)
Size: 1.38" x 1.06" (3.5cm x 2.7cm)

Materials: Sterling Silver 925

Made in: Ukraine